The next level in Visual Acuity Measurement

Offering the next level in advanced visual acuity measurement Acuscreen integrates the traditional optical tools with the latest computer technology.

From one sleek wall mounted LCD Panel, Acuscreen provides a fully functional Snellen chart, Duochrome, fixation disparity and fixation target.


    • Multiple Optotypes
    • Multiple Targets and Animated Fixation
    • Underline and isolate letters or lines.
    • Contrast Sensitivity
    • Log mar

All accessible through an easy to use handset

The system comes into its own with the flexibility of multiple letter sets, log mar function, contrast sensitivity and enhanced fixation targets

Also included as standard are easy to identify symbols and animated fixation targets to address the unique requirements of screening children. All these tools are available at the press of a button on the custom designed wireless keypad.

Download the Quick Start guide here